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Children with Medical Handicaps Program

Proposed Program Changes

The 2018-2019 budget proposed includes a proposal by the Ohio Department of Health to make changes to the Ohio CMH program.  These changes are summarized here.  There is  also a document answering frequently asked questions regarding the proposed changes here.

The Ohio Department of Health released these documents and also stated:

  • The purpose of proposal is to ensure a sustainable program for children with medical handicaps that continues the commitment to provide medically necessary services for Ohio's most vulnerable children.
  • Current BCMH clients who are not Medicaid-eligible will be grandfathered into the existing ODH program, and Medicaid-eligible clients will move to the new Ohio Medicaid CMH program where they will continue to receive medically necessary services and care coordination just as in the existing program.
  • The new Ohio Medicaid CMH program will maintain a safety net for clients who do not qualify for Medicaid but who meet the program's financial eligibility criteria.

About the Program

CMH (Children with Medical Handicaps) Program is a tax-supported, state-administered program through the Ohio Department of Health that assists families in our community who are facing medical problems and all the astronomical bills that often accompany these problems. The mission of CMH is to assure that children with special health care needs and their families obtain comprehensive care and services which are family- centered, community based, and culturally competent.   Currently, Van Wert County has more than
100 children on services through this program

CMH provides a wide range of services for children through three different programs: The Diagnostic Program; the Treatment Program; and the service Coordination Program.


Must be an Ohio resident.
Must be under the age of 21.
Must use a CMH Provider in Ohio.
  Financial Eligibility is required for the treatment program.

Our Role

The Van Wert County Health Department's role in CMH is to be the family's local contact for services. A Public Health Nurse, Traci Milligan, RN, provides information and referral services to families. The nurse will assist with the application process, make home and office visits with families and the children, and often set up visits with CMH Providers.

To learn more about the program, visit: Ohio Department of Health.

Contact Information

For information or questions about CMH or other services provided by the Van Wert County Health Department, please contact us at 419-238-0808 extension 109.

Services We Provide

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