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Help Me Grow

What is Help Me Grow?

We are a voluntary parent support program that helps to provide caregivers with reliable information on topics that are important to them. The information can be on any topic from pregnancy, child development and developmental milestones, safety and injury prevention, breastfeeding, discipline, and so much more. Family support specialists will even work with you to develop goals and have information that can be helpful in managing special parenting circumstances and stress.

What is a Home Visit?

Visits are typically done in your home because that is where you and baby will feel the most comfortable, but they absolutely can be done elsewhere if need be. We can meet with you at parks, restaurants, our office, the library, or even at a friend’s house if that is helpful to you. Our visits are typically one hour, once a week when we first start working together, but we work with your schedule! We accommodate as much as possible around life events, doctor’s appointments, work schedules, school schedules, etc. We use a curriculum with up-to-date information to provide you with information, while also empowering you to make the decisions that are best for your family. We love to do activities that encourage you (and us!) to get on the floor and play with baby and promote development!

How Do I Get Started or Refer Someone?

You can go online to and submit a referral online. A quicker way to get a referral submitted is to call Malinda, the Help Me Grow Supervisor directly at 419-238-0808 ext. 111. She will get the information needed and send in a referral form to get you put on the program right away.