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Private Water Systems

The Van Wert County General Health District Private Water Systems Program includes permitting of private water systems in areas of the county that are not served by public or municipal water systems.  A Private Water System Permit must be obtained prior to drilling a well for drinking water use.


Bacteriological sampling of private water systems is available upon request.  If you wish to have your well tested, please contact the Health Department at 419-238-0808 ext. 105 to schedule a sample collection date and time.


The Van Wert Soil and Water Conservation District has been conducting a surface and ground water quality monitoring program since 1989. The water quality monitoring program’s purpose is to establish baseline data in Van Wert County and the influence of rainfall and sampling date on surface water quality. The study also includes ground water sampling and analysis for bacterial and chemical contaminants.  This study is available online: Van Wert Soil and Water Conservation District Surface and Groundwater Quality Study