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Communicable Diseases

Communicable Diseases are a growing concern in the health care community.  Increases in communicable disease may be a result of a lack of immunizations, increased international travel, antibiotic resistant organisms, unsafe food handling practices, and unsafe sexual behavior.

At the Van Wert County General Health District, a public health nurse tracks the occurrence, spread and treatment of these diseases in a community.  They are also available for education, consultation and referral if necessary.  They perform TB skin tests and immunizations at the office.  …more on the immunization clinic

The Ohio Administrative Code requires that certain diseases are reported to the local health jurisdiction.  The health care provider or laboratory must report to the local health jurisdiction in which the case or suspected case resides, or if the residence is outside Ohio or unknown, to the local health jurisdiction in which the health care provider or laboratory is located.  Local health jurisdictions must then report diseases to the Ohio Department of Health. Reporting requirements depend on the disease.  Some diseases must be reported immediately via telephone while other diseases may be reported by the next business day.  For a complete listing of reportable diseases view this document:  Know Your ABCs: A Quick Guide to Reportable Infectious Diseases in Ohio.

Please call our nursing staff to report diseases at 419-238-0808 extension 101. If the disease is a Class A disease, you must speak to a person about the disease.  If Linda is unavailable, please call 419-238-0808 103 or 107 to reach a clerk and ask to speak to someone available for reporting diseases.

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Hand Hygiene

Washing your hand can be the number one defense against getting or passing infectious diseases, so wash before you eat, after coughing into your hands, after petting animals and after taking care of someone who is sick.  Contact your local health department and these web sites to learn more about it:


This is a disease that we do not see much in the United States but is now on the rise. There are many factors on why this is happening.  To learn more about it or need any questions answered, contact your local health department and the following web sites:


Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and Community Acquired MRSA are on the rise.  This is a staph infection that is resistant against antibiotics in the penicillin family. To learn more about MRSA, please contact your local health department or visit following web sites: