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Community Health Improvement

The Community Health Assessment is a primary tool of public health practice. Its aim is to describe the health of the community by gathering information on community members’ health status, community health needs and other local health problems. It seeks to identify target populations that may be at increased risk of poor health outcomes and to gain a better understanding of their needs, as well as assess the larger community environment and how it relates to the health of individuals.

The Community Health Assessment is a foundation for local public health planning. The development and completion of the survey gives the health department and other key community organizations the opportunity to hear directly from residents about their public and community health concerns. As the collective group reviews the survey results, a Community Health Improvement Plan will be developed to address, through policies and initiatives, methods to improve the overall health and well-being of our community.

For over a decade, Van Wert County has completed a Community Health Assessment. For the 2022 survey, the health department has contracted with OHIO Alliance for Population Health through Ohio University.  The team from OHIO will help compile the primary and secondary data, assist with community engagement activities, and analyze the information.

The Van Wert County General Health District and other community partners use the survey information for various purposes. The health department is required to complete this survey every five years as part of the public health accreditation process. The data is also used to apply for grant funding and to support department services such as the Help Me Grow Home Visitor program.

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This list was created in part by members of the Van Wert County Health Collaborative, Van Wert Job and Family Services, Van Wert Family Physicians, Van Wert Council on Aging, Delphos Senior Citizens, and American Cancer Society and compiled by the Van Wert County General Health District. This listing will be reviewed and updated frequently. For any comments or questions please contact the Van Wert County General Health District Administrator at 419-238-0808 ext 114.