The Van Wert County General Health District is required to license and inspect all public Pools, Spas (whirlpools) and Special Use Pools in the county.  State law requires that these facilities be inspected at least once annually.  Pool Inspections focus on water quality, safety requirements and maintenance of the recirculation and disinfection system to help ensure the health and safety of pool and spa patrons.

Links for Pool and Spa Operators
Constructing or Renovating a Pool or Changing or Replacing Equipment

No one shall construct, renovate, or substantially alter a public swimming pool without prior approval by the Ohio Department of Health.  Submit an Application for Plan Review for approval.

Any time a pool or spa operator replaces equipment that may alter the operation of the pool such as a circulation pump, disinfection feeder, disinfectant, or filter they are required to fill out and submit an Equipment Replacement Form to the Ohio Department of Health.