Food Service Operations & Retail Food Establishments

The Van Wert County General Health District is required to license and inspect all Food Service Operations (FSOs) and Retail Food Establishments (RFEs) including restaurants, grocery stores, food booths at the fair, carry-outs, and vending locations.  The number of inspections performed is dependent on the risk level of the facility.  These inspections are done according to the rules in the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code and the main goal is to prevent food borne illness and protect public health.

Food Service Operations and Retail Food Establishments Inspections

Anyone looking to start a new food service operation or retail food establishment must go through a process called facility review.  The facility review must be done before any work is done on the facility.  This process is also used when a facility changes ownership or is substantially remodeled.  We also recommend that any new equipment put into an existing FSO or RFE is checked first through the Health Department.

Any establishment selling food at a fair or festival must also be licensed.  There are two available ways to be licensed for these types of events.  A mobile license may be obtained for a unit that may operate numerous times throughout a season.  The license is good for a year and is applicable in any county in Ohio.  A temporary license is also available and is good for up to five days.  This type of license is best for those people who may set up a tent or booth at a couple fairs or festivals in a year.  Both of these types of FSO/RFEs must also go through facility review.  If you would like to operate a temporary food facility you must submit your license application at least one week prior to the event.

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Regular Food Service Operation and Retail Food Establishment Inspections

Have you ever gone into your favorite restaurant and wondered what the kitchen looks like?  Or if the employees prepare food properly or practice safe food handling?  Now, you can view your favorite facility’s latest inspections on our online site.  Food Service Operation and Retail Food Establishment inspections for Van Wert County are available online from the beginning of March 2014.  Search by the name of the facility or by town to view the latest inspection information.