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Ohio Buckles Buckeyes | Child Safety Seat Program

The Van Wert County Health Department is the local distribution site for the Ohio Buckles Buckeyes Child Safety Seat Program.  This program is made possible through the purchase of child safety seats by the Ohio Department of Health.  The safety seats are intended primarily for distribution to eligible low income families whose child has outgrown their infant-only car seat.

Click here for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Program Eligibility

A parent or guardian is eligible to receive a free child restraint system – convertible, combination, or booster seat if they are a WIC client or meet current WIC Income Guidelines.  For the convertible seat, the child must have outgrown the weight and height limits of their current infant-only seat, but should be under 40 pounds and less than 3 years old.

To receive a combination seat, the child’s shoulders must be above the top harness slots of the convertible restraint but are under 40 pounds or the child is over 22 pounds, under 40 pounds, and over 3 years of age.

To receive a high back belt positioning booster seat, the child must be over 30 pounds, over 3 years of age, and the child’s shoulders are higher than the top slots on the combination child restraint.

The parent or guardian must attend an educational session on proper use and installation of the child safety seat, also.  For more information please contact Nikki Greve, R.N. at (419) 238-0808 ext. 112 or click here to email Nikki Greve, RN.


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